National Security Space Program

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The Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress Space Policy Project (SPP) seeks to identify real, actionable recommendations for the integration of commercial technologies into the national security space architecture. Commercial technologies already play a significant role in America’s space defense, but the latest wave of new capabilities offers great (and cheaper) access to space that will strengthen and secure America’s leadership in space. By focusing on “New Space” companies, the project will offer new and novel insights into the ways emergent capabilities can augment, support, and, in some cases, replace existing technologies and platforms. Through such advances as reusable rockets, cube/micro-satellites, mega constellations, and advanced imagery and analytics, America’s posture and architecture can be strengthened. Incorporating these advances will lead to greater resiliency, improved deterrence of adversaries, and better effects at cheaper costs. We invite you to download a more in-depth description of the program at the bottom of this page.

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