After Harvey, Americans set Congress an example for unity; CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield

Published by The Hill, CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield writes about his experience in Houston during Hurricane Harvey and urges Congress leave behind partisanship and unify to find commo

Saving America's Future: A Challenge to the American People

The report provides four recommendations to remedy four critical national issues:

CSPC Dan Mahaffee Quoted in China's Xinhua on Looming Budget Debate

CSPC Director of Policy Dan Mahaffee was quoted in a July 25, 2013 article in China's Xinhua daily newspaper on the upcoming budget fight and President Obama's options and strategies going

CSPC Trustee David Gergen Op-Ed on Sequestration Fight in Congress Featured on CNN

An op-ed by CSPC Trustee David Gergen focusing on the budget deal featured in CNN, argues that the American public has been turned off by the political showdown in Washington over sequestration.

CSPC Counselor David Walker Commentary Featured in Reuters

A commentary on the current status of U.S. budget deal written by CSPC Counselor David M. Walker was published in Reuters.

CSPC Counselor David Walker Proposes "No Deal, No Break" for Congress in an Op-Ed Published in Politico

In an op-ed published on February 6, 2013 in Politico, CSPC Counselor David Walker praises the bipartisan support in Congress for the "No Budget, No Pay" proposal, in which Congressman would be hel