Declaration on Civility and Inclusive Leadership

The United States faces extraordinary opportunities as well as a series of formidable challenges that threaten our national security and well-being at home and abroad. From terrorist threats to the homeland, ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and the over-extension of our Armed Forces and Reserves, to the potential insolvency of Social Security and our rising "twin deficits," these challenges grow increasingly complex and interconnected each day. Yet even as they steadily restrict our freedom of action, we remain a deeply polarized nation unable to reach a strategic consensus on the way forward. However, the opportunities for the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world are increasing daily.

In response to these crises, The Declaration on Civility and Inclusive Leadership aims to inspire the nation's leaders to exercise civility and inclusive leadership, which are essential tools for forging national unity and marshalling the best talent, regardless of political affiliation. With over 200 signatories, including the current and former diplomats and government officials, university presidents and professors, corporate executives, military officials, sports figures and religious scholars who comprise the National Committee to Unite a Divided America, the Declaration has wide support from both extremes of the political divide and from all walks of life.


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CSPC's mission is to apply the lessons of history to address today’s political challenges; Develop real-world strategic policy solutions by convening representatives from government, academia, and the private sector; and educate the next generation of leaders.

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