How Trump Can 'Shake Up' the Business of Government; Augustine, Davis & Gordon

How Trump Can “Shake Up” the Business of Government

Norm Augustine, Tom Davis & Bart Gordon

February 15, 2017

CSPC Trustee Ambassador Nicholas Burns on Trump immigration

Interviewed by Fox News, Ambassador Nicholas Burns explains why he thinks President Trump's Immigration Ban is a gift to the Islamic State.

President Bill Clinton's First 100 Days; CSPC Trustee Ambassador Mack McLarty

The New York Times recently published an interactive piece chronicling various Administrations' First 100 Days.

CSPC Trustee David Gergen on the Women's March

CSPC Trustee David Gergen and CNN Contributor Martha Pease recently penned an opinion piece for CNN describing the powerful Women's March that took place across the country, and t

The Better Business of Government

The Center's newly released Better Business of Government procurement report was featured by Real Clear Policy. 

The Lingering Stench of Torture; CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield

Published by The New York Times, CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield argues against the President-Elect's claims that "torture works," in attempting to obtain information from suspected terr

Trump's Foreign Policy Priority: Russia or China? CSPC Trustee Amb. Nicholas Burns

CSPC Trustee Ambassador Nicholas Burns recently joined Bloomberg to discuss which country should be President-Elect Trump's priority when foreign policy is concerned: Russia or China?

CSPC Senior Vice President Dan Mahaffee on NPR

CSPC Senior Vice President Dan Mahafee joined the 1A program on NPR to comment on President Obama's farewell speech and legacy. 

Trump swings wildly at wrong target; CSPC Trustee David Gergen

In a recent CNN opinion piece, CSPC Trustee David Gergen writes about President-Elect Trump's latest news conference and the apparent lack of a honeymoon phase for his incoming Administrat

Trump's Generals; CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield

CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield writes in Breaking Defense on President-Elect Trump's choice to tap U.S. Generals for key positions within his Cabinet.