CSPC President & CEO Rep. Glenn Nye joins the MidPod Podcast

CSPC President & CEO Rep. Glenn Nye joined the MidPod Podcast to discuss political polarization and ways we can work together to reform our current political process. 

CSPC Hosts Presidential Fellows in Washington

Earlier this month, CSPC welcomed over 40 students to Washington, D.C. for the Fall Presidential and International Fellows Leadership Conference.

Statesmanship Is Not Dead; CSPC President & CEO Rep. Glenn Nye

Published by The Hill, CSPC President & CEO Rep.

Heroism on Robert’s Ridge; CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield

Published by Breaking Defense, CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield tells the harrowing story of heroism surrounding Air Force Combat Controller John Champman's death on Roberts Ridge. 

Congress smartly moves forward on American national defense in space; Joshua Huminski

Joshua Huminski, Director of the Mike Rogers Center for Intelligence & Global Affairs at CSPC, recently penned an opinion piece in The Hill praising Congress for taking action defendin

Trump’s artless deals on the world stage; CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield

CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield writes for Yahoo News where he analyzes President Trump's deal-making approach to foreign policy and the ramifications of a recent overseas tour.

Time for United States to reassure NATO commitment on world stage; CSPC Senior Adviser Michael Stecher

Published by The Hill, CSPC Senior Adviser Michael Stecher writes on the need for the United States and all NATO members "to work to reinvigorating their relationship to the Omaha milkman."

Authoritarian threats to American democracy demand urgent action; Mike Rogers & Julianne Smith

Published by The Hill, CSPC's David M. Abshire Chair, Rep. Mike Rogers, and Julianne Smith propose seven action steps to address threats against our country's elections and democracy.

Congress takes smart steps to make space launch reusability the norm; Joshua Huminski

Published by The Hill, Director of the National Space Security Program at CSPC, Joshua Huminski urges the Air Force and U.S.