Statement from CSPC President & CEO Glenn Nye on the passing of President George H.W. Bush

Statement from Glenn Nye, President and CEO on the passing of President George HW Bush:

The passing of President George Herbert Walker Bush gives us the opportunity to take a step back from our own political moment and contemplate the achievements of a patriot who dedicated his life to the United States of America. President Bush demonstrated the best elements of American leadership when he managed three simultaneous crises—the collapse of the Soviet Union, German reunification, and the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait—that shaped our age. George Bush articulated a vision for the world he wanted the United States to create when he said, “The foundation of lasting security comes not from tanks, troops, or barbed wire; it is built on shared values and agreements that link free peoples.”

It is hard to summarize the life of a man who did so much. George Bush was a decorated officer in the U.S. Navy, before serving as a Member of the House of Representatives, Ambassador to the United Nations, Envoy to China, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Vice President of the United States. He carried himself with grace and dignity in everything he did, even embracing the man who defeated him for reelection to raise money and awareness for global causes. Considering that his watchword was “prudence,” he accomplished an incredible amount and left an indelible mark on our nation.

Perhaps among the strongest elements of President Bush’s enduring legacy is the lesson of conducting political debate with civility and, while pursuing policies consistent with closely-held beliefs, a commitment to bipartisan cooperation in the best spirit of the nation. His passing is a call to Americans to remember how we can reflect greatness in our willingness to work together to pursue the best shared interests of our country.