Ambassador Richard H. Solomon; 1937-2017

CSPC Remembers the Legacy of Ambassador Richard H. Solomon
Ambassador Richard Solomon’s career was defined by a selfless willingness to serve his country. His experience spanned academia, diplomatic service, and think tanks, and he excelled in each endeavor. As a counsel to top policymakers he was at the forefront of U.S. diplomacy in dealing with momentous challenges, including the opening to China, negotiations with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and the resolution of conflicts in Southeast Asia.
A CSPC Trustee for over a decade, Ambassador Solomon’s counsel was invaluable to projects that ranged from foreign relations and international security to grand strategy. In fashioning responses to domestic and international challenges, he always grounded U.S. strategies firmly in bipartisan consensus.
His timely advice, strategic insights, and warm friendship were appreciated by all members of the CSPC team.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.