Our mission

CSPC's mission is to apply the lessons of history to address today’s political challenges; develop real-world strategic policy solutions by convening representatives from government, academia, and the private sector; and educate the next generation of leaders. Learn More.

Our history

CSPC was founded in 1965 by Dr. R. Gordon Hoxie at the behest of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Dr. Hoxie, an historian and chancellor of Long Island University, built an organization that would provide historical perspective about our nation’s highest offices for citizens and policymakers. Learn More.

Our work

Drawing on the lessons of history, CSPC works with leading experts on presidential and congressional history to provide engaging case studies on political leadership, legislative compromise, and national strategy. CSPC publishes a Presidential Studies Quarterly (PSQ), an analysis of both the history of the presidency and the current dynamics of the office. Learn More.

Candid Conversations with America’s Leaders
At a time when Washington is increasingly partisan and compartmentalized, there is little opportunity to address the nation’s strategic challenges. In this environment, CSPC provides a forum for open dialogue between the White House and Congress, representatives of differing parties, and between the government and the private sector. Through roundtable events moderated by CSPC Trustees, Senior Fellows, or staff, CSPC plays a vital role as a strategic, honest broker, allowing for innovative policy solutions.

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