Something to Think About with Mike Rogers Passes the 150 Station Mark

CSPC Trustee Congressman Mike Rogers' radio show, Something to Think About with Mike Rogers has eclipsed the 150 station mark and is aired three times daily across America. 

Our risky dependence on Russia's space tech; CSPC Trustee Mike Rogers

In an opinion piece published by CNN, CSPC Trustee Mike Rogers and Ellen Tauscher write of the Unites States' dependence upon Russia's space program.

Why We Need to Hear Netanyahu; CSPC Trustee Mike Rogers

Published by Politico, CSPC Trustee Mike Rogers discusses why Congress needs to hear President Netanyahu's address on March 3, 2015. 

Libya does not have to be the next Afghanistan; CSPC Trustee Mike Rogers

In an Op-Ed published by The Washington Times, CSPC Trustee Mike Rogers writes about the current political situation in Libya and calls for renewed focus and strategy from the Administrati