The Statesman: Reflections on a Life Guided by Civility, Strategic Leadership, and the Lessons of History


Watch CSPC Trustee David Gergen & CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfiled speak about Amb. Abshire's incredible life and legacy.


From the Foreword: 

"From army days, to working with lawmakers for the State Department, to international diplomacy, to his time as counselor to presidents, David Abshire was a fixture in the effort to make Ameria a superpower with a higher purpose.  It is natural that Dave created a seminal think tank for international affairs.  He was the embodiment of high strategy and practical (which is to say political) application by men and women of goodwill.  Dave's story mirrors America's golden age of global responsibility.  There were defeats and mistakes, yes, but the nation and its leaders learned from them and tried to exert American will as a force for the better."

-Evan Thomas

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