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Volume 31, Number 4 - December 2001

The White House Counsel's Office - MaryAnne Borrelli, Karen Hult, and Nancy Kassop

Lyndon Johnson, Community Action, and Management of the Administrative State - Richard M. Flanagan

The Office of Communications - Martha Joynt Kumar

The Little State Department: McGeorge Bundy and the National Security Council Staff, 1961-65 - Andrew Preston

Congressional Support of the President: A Comparison of Foreign, Defense, and Domestic Policy Decision Making during and after the Cold War - Brandon C. Prins and Bryan W. Marshall

Losing Control: The Intraparty Consequences of Divided Government - Melody Rose

The Contemporary Presidency: The Pressures of White House Work Life: "Naked in a Glass House" - Martha Joynt Kumar

The Law: The "Protective Return" Pocket Veto: Presidential Aggrandizement of Constitutional Power - Robert J. Spitzer

The Polls: Change and Stability in Public Assessments of Personal Traits, Bill Clinton, 1993-99 - Jeffrey E. Cohen

Research Notes
The Two Presidencies, 1984-98: A Replication and Extension - Scot Schraufnagel and Stephen M. Shellman


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