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Volume 31, Number 3 - September 2001

Competing Conceptions of the First Ladyship: Public Responses to Betty Ford's 60 Minutes Interview - MaryAnne Borrelli

The White House Office of Presidential Personnel - Bradley H. Patterson and James P. Pfiffner

George Washington, Presidential Term Limits, and the Problem of Reluctant Political Leadership - Bruce G. Peabody

Requiem for a Lightweight: Vice Presidential Candidate Evaluations and the Presidential Vote - David W Romero

The Chief of Staff - Charles E. Walcott, Shirley Anne Warshaw, and Stephen J. Wayne

Almost Jeffersonian: U.S. Recognition Policy toward Latin America - Gregory Weeks

The Contemporary Presidency: The Presidential Election of 2000: A Great Civics Lesson? - Robert L. Dudley

The Law: Constitutional Understandings of the War Power - Timothy S. Boylan

The Polls: Partisanship and Presidential Performance Evaluations - Jon R. Bond and Richard Fleisher

Book Reviews
The Prudential Presidency: An Aristotelian Approach to Presidential Leadership by Ethan M. Fishman - Susan D. Collins

The President and His Inner Circle: Leadership Style and the Advisory Process in Foreign Policy Making by Thomas Preston - Patrick J. Haney

Everett Dirksen and His Presidents: How a Senate Giant Shaped American Politics by Byron C. Hulsey - Clifton H. Jones

Presidents and Prime Ministers: Conviction Politics in the Anglo-American Tradition by Patricia Lee Sykes - B. Guy Peters

With the Stroke of a Pen: Executive Orders and Presidential Power by Kenneth R. Mayer - Richard M. Pious

The Dixiecrat Revolt and the End of the Solid South, 1932-1968 by Kari Frederickson - Sean J. Savage

The Modern Presidency and Civil Rights: Rhetoric on Race from Roosevelt to Nixon by Garth E. Pauley - Mary E. Stuckey

Dueling Visions: U.S. Strategy toward Eastern Europe under Eisenhower by Ronald R. Krebs - Edmund Wehrle


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