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Volume 30, Number 4 - December 2000

From the Editors

U.S. Presidents and the Use of Economic Sanctions - A. Cooper Drury

Gauging Public Opinion in the Hoover White House: Understanding the Roots of Presidential Polling - Robert M. Eisinger

Public Opinion and the Contradictions of Jimmy Carter's Foreign Policy - Andrew Z. Katz

Drafting Lyndon Johnson: The President's Secret Role in the 1968 Democratic Convention - Justin A. Nelson

After the Missiles of October: John F. Kennedy and Cuba, November 1962 to November 1963 - Stephen G. Rabe

Do Primary Voters Draw from a Stacked Deck? Presidential Nominations in an Era of Candidate-Centered Campaigns - Wayne P. Steger

The Contemporary Presidency: Meeting the Freight Train Head On: Planning for the Transition to Power - Martha Joynt Kumar, George C. Edwards III, James P. Pfiffner, and Terry Sullivan

The Law: Controversy: Demise of the War Clause - David Mervin

Virtues of the War Clause - David Gray Adler

The Polls: Polling for a Defense: The White House Public Opinion Apparatus and the Clinton Impeachment - Diane J. Heith

Source Material: Controversy: The Kennedy Tapes: Past and Future - Philip D. Zelikow and Ernest R. May

Response to Zelikow and May - Sheldon M. Stern

Reacting to Zelikow and May - Terry Sullivan

Review Essay
U.S. National Security: A Presidential Perspective

Games Advisors Play: Foreign Policy in the Nixon and Carter Administrations by Jean A. Garrison - Kevin V. Mulcahy

Flawed by Design: The Evolution of the CIA, JCS, and NSC by Amy Zegart - Kevin V. Mulcahy

Book Reviews
Presidential Machismo: Executive Authority, Military Intervention, and Foreign Relations by Alexander DeConde - David Gray Adler

Viva Kennedy: Mexican Americans in Search of Camelot by Ignacio M. Garcia - Edward J. Escobar

Lincoln's Sacred Effort: Defining Religion's Role in American Self-Government by Lucas E. Morel - Mark J. Rozell

Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion: The Making of a President, 1884 by Mark Wahlgren Summers - Charles W. Calhoun

The Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by George McJimsey - Scott W. Webster

Good Advice: Information and Policy Making in the White House by Daniel E. Ponder - Rebecca E. Deen

Becoming JKF: A Profile in Communication by Vito N. Silvestri - Paul R. Henggeler

The American Campaign: US. Presidential Campaigns and the National Vote by James E. Campbell - Wayne P. Steger



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