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Volume 37, Number 2 - June 2007

From the Editors

Rhetoric of Atrocities: The Place of Horrific Human Rights Abuses in Presidential Persuasion Efforts - Eran N. Ben-Porath

Two Parties, Two Types of Nominees, Two Paths to Winning a Presidential Nomination, 1972-2004 - D. Jason Berggren

Agreeable Administrators? Analyzing the Public Positions of Cabinet Secretaries and Presidents - Anthony M. Bertelli and Christian R. Grose

Policy Speech in the Nineteenth Century Rhetorical Presidency: The Case of Zachary Taylor's 1849 Tour - Richard J. Ellis, Alexis Walker

An Evaluation of the Bush Administration Reforms to the Regulatory Process - Stuart Shapiro

Research Note
The "Hidden Hand" and White House Roll-Call Predictions: Legislative Liaison in the Eisenhower White House, 83d-84th Congresses - Richard S. Conley, Richard M. Yon

The Contemporary Presidency: Should the Senate Take a Floor Vote on a Presidential Judicial Nominee? - David A. Crockett

The Law: Debating the 1976 Debates: Establishing a Tradition of Negotiations - John W. Self

The Polls: Unilaterally Shaping U.S. National Security Policy: The Role of National Security Directives - Vikki Gordon

Book Reviews
Executing the Constitution: Putting the President Back into the Constitution edited by Christopher S. Kelley - Kirk A. Randazzo

The Reagan Presidency: Assessing the Man and His Legacy
edited by Paul Kengor and Peter Schweizer - Robert Maranto

The Era of Education: The Presidents and the Schools 1965-2001 by Lawrence J. McAndrews - Paul Manna


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