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Volume 37, Number 1 - March 2007

Invoking Inherent Powers: A Primer - Louis Fisher

Presidential Authority to Gather Foreign Intelligence - Bruce Fein

Inherent Presidential Power and Constitutional Structure - Neil Kinkopf

The Commander in Chief and the Courts - Jules Lobel

Inherent War and Executive Powers and Prerogative Politics - Richard M. Pious

Taking the Prerogative out of the Presidency: An Originalist Perspective - Jack N. Rakove

Presidential Power and National Security - Abraham D. Sofaer

The Contemporary Presidency: The Greats and the Great Debate: President William J. Clinton's Use of Presidential Exemplars - Lara M. Brown

The Law: Presidential Inherent Power: The "Sole Organ" Doctrine - Louis Fisher

The Polls: Cabinet Member and Presidential Approval - Costas Panagopoulos

Book Reviews
Defining Americans: The Presidency and National Identity by Mary E. Stuckey - Sharon E. Jarvis

The Failure of the Founding Fathers: Jefferson, Marshall, and the Rise of Presidential Democracy by Bruce Ackerman - Lara M. Brown

The First Cold Warrior: Harry Truman, Containment, and the Remaking of Liberal Internationalism by Elizabeth Edwards Spaulding - J. Garry Clifford

Executive Orders and the Modern Presidency: Legislating from the Oval Office by Adam L. Warber - Christopher S. Kelley

Housing Segregation in Suburban America Since 1960: Presidential and Judicial Politics by Charles M. Lamb - Rachel Garshick Kleit

Green Talk in the White House: The Rhetorical Presidency Encounters Ecology edited by Tarla Rai Peterson - Mark Kelso

The 2004 Presidential Campaign: A Communication Perspective edited by Robert E. Denton, Jr. - Stephanie Greco Larson

Presidential Temples: How Memorials and Libraries Shape Public Memory by Benjamin Hufbauer - Michael E. Long


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