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Volume 36, Number 4 - December 2006

Historical Trends in Questioning Presidents, 1953-2000 - Steven E. Clayman, Marc N. Elliott, John Heritage, Laurie L. McDonald

Polls, Elite Opinion, and the President: How Information and Issue Saliency Affect Approval - Michael R. Wolf, David B. Holian

Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush: Faith, Foreign Policy, and an Evangelical Presidential Style - D. Jason Berggren, Nicol C. Rae

Featuring the President as Free Trader: Television News Coverage of U.S. Trade Politics - David M. Rankin

Research Notes
Scheduling the Party Conventions - Bruce E. Altschuler

Avoiding Advice and Consent: Recess Appointments and Presidential Power - Pamela C. Corley

Conceptualizing and Measuring White House Staff Influence on Presidential Rhetoric - Justin S. Vaugh, Jose D. Villalobos

The Contemporary Presidency: "Going Local" to Reform Social Security - Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha, Jeffrey S. Peake

Elections: Reliability Trumps Competence: Personal Attributes in the 2004 Presidential Election - Martin P. Wattenberg

The Law: The President "Shall Nominate": Exclusive or Shared Constitutional Power? - Mitchel A. Sollenberger

The Polls: Polarized Opinion in the States: Partisan Differences in Approval Ratings of Governors, Senators, and George W. Bush - Gary C. Jacobson

Book Reviews
Military Tribunals and Presidential Power: American Revolution to the War on Terrorism by Louis Fisher - Darren A. Wheeler

Executive Secrets: Covert Action and the Presidency by William J. Daugherty - Alan Warburton

Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson: The Politics of Enlightenment and the American Founding by Darren Staloff - Stephen F. Knott

Lincoln's Defense of Politics: The Public Man and His Opponents in the Crisis over Slavery by Thomas E. Schneider - Derek A. Webb

Louis Johnson and the Arming of America, the Roosevelt and Truman Years by Keith D. McFarland and David L. Roll - Barbara Bennett Peterson

Lou Henry Hoover: Activist First Lady by Nancy Beck Young - T. Alissa Warters

Nancy Reagan: On the White House Stage by James G. Benze - Anthony J. Eksterowicz

Private Lives/Public Consequences: Personality and Politics in Modern America by William H. Chafe - Michael A. Genovese

Political Keywords: Using Language that Uses Us by Roderick P. Hart, Sharon E. Jarvis, William P. Jennings, and Deborah Smith-Howell - Mira Sotirovic


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