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Volume 36, Number 3 - September 2006

A "New Covenant" Kept: Core Values, Presidential Communications, and the Paradox of the Clinton Presidency - Robert F. Durant

Presidential Difference in the Early Republic: The Highly Disparate Leadership Styles of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson - Fred I. Greenstein

The Changing Nature of Presidential Policy Making on International Agreements - Glen S. Krutz and Jeffrey S. Peake

Presidential Visits and Midterm Senate Elections - Patrick J. Sellers and Laura M. Denton

Presidential Leadership and Administrative Coordination: Examining the Theory of a Unified Executive - William F. West

"Peace without Conquest": Lyndon Johnson’s Speech of April 7, 1965 - Dror Yuravlivker

Research Notes
McKinley’s Backbone - Richard F. Hamilton

Exorcising Scandal in the White House: Presidential Polling in Times of Crisis - Brandon Rottinghaus and Zlata Bereznikova

The Contemporary Presidency: The Decline and Resurgence and Decline (and Resurgence?) of Congress: Charting a New Imperial Presidency - Andrew Rudalevige

The Law: George Bush as Commander in Chief: Toward the Nether World of Constitutionalism - David Gray Adler

The Polls: The Coalitional President from a Public Opinion Perspective - Jeffrey E. Cohen


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