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Volume 36, Number 1 - March 2006

Special Issue: Presidential Doctrines
Presidential Doctrines: An Introduction - H. W. Brands

The Monroe Doctrine: Meanings and Implications - Mark T. Gilderhus

The Roosevelt Corollary - Serge Ricard

The Truman Doctrine: Containing Communism and Modernity - Dennis Merrill

Securing the Middle East: The Eisenhower Doctrine of 1957 - Peter L. Hahn

The Johnson Doctrine - Stephen G. Rabe

The Nixon Doctrine: A Saga of Misunderstanding - Jeffrey Kimball

The Reagan Doctrine: Principle, Pragmatism, and Policy - Chester Pach

The Contemporary Presidency: The Sixth Year Curse - Colleen J. Shogan

The Law: "Extraordinary Rendition" and Presidential Fiat - William G. Weaver, Robert M. Pallitto

The Polls: Public Opinion and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld - Costas Panagopoulos

Book Reviews
You the People: American National Identity in Presidential Rhetoric - Richard J. Powell

Woodrow Wilson and the Lost World of the Oratorical Statesman - Jill A. Edy

The Fall of the House of Roosevelt: Brokers of Ideas and Power from FDR to LBJ - Joseph E. Luders

Power and Prudence: The Presidency of George H. W. Bush - Joseph K. Unekis

The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House - Russell L. Riley


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