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Volume 34, Number 4 - December 2004

Borges's Encyclopedia and Classification in Presidential Studies - Philip Abbott

Executive Prerogative and the "Good Officer" in Thomas Jefferson's Letter to John B. Colvin - Jeremy David Bailey

Does Presidential Rhetoric Matter? Priming and Presidential Approval - James N. Druckman, Justin W. Holmes

The Secular Decline in Presidential Domestic Policy Making: An Organizational Perspective - George A. Krause

The President as Reformer: When Do Presidents Initiate Administrative Reform through Legislation? - Scott E. Robinson

Principled Pragmatism: Abraham Lincoln's Method of Political Analysis - David J. Siemers

The Contemporary Presidency: Presidents, Lawmakers, and Spies: Intelligence Accountability in the United States - Loch K. Johnson

Elections: Tax Cut Versus Lockbox: Did the Voters Grasp the Tradeoff in 2000? - Martin P. Wattenberg

The Law: Can You Sue the White House? Opening the Door for Separation of Powers Immunity in Cheney v. District Court - Louis Klarevas

Source Material: Sequestered from the Court of History: The Kissinger Transcripts - Bruce P. Montgomery

Book Reviews
The Presidency, Congress, and Divided Government: A Postwar Assessment - Richard S. Conley, Stephen A. Borrelli

Executive Privilege: Presidential Power, Secrecy, and Accountability - Mark Rozell, Daniel Levin

The Character Factor: How We Judge America's Presidents - James P. Pfiffner, John H. Kessel

Polling to Govern: Public Opinion and Presidential Leadership - Diane J. Heith, John G. Geer

Jefferson Davis: Confederate President - Herman Hattaway, Richard E. Beringer, David Coles

Uncommon Americans: The Lives and Legacies of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover - Timothy Walch, Tim H. Blessing

FDR, the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic Church in America, 1933-1945 - David B. Woolner, Richard G. Kurial, Timothy A. Byrnes

Another Such Victory: President Truman and the Cold War - Arnold Offner, Colin Dueck

Jimmy Carter's Economy: Policy in an Age of Limits - W. Carl Biven, James Anderson

The Reagan Presidency: Pragmatic Conservatism and Its Legacies - W. Elliot Brownlee, Hugh Davis Graham, John W. Sloan


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