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Volume 34, Number 1 - March 2004

In Memoriam
Richard Elliott Neustadt, 1919-2003: A Tribute - Martha Joynt Kumar

Richard E. Neustadt as Teacher and Mentor: A Personal Reflection - Stephen J. Wayne

Richard E. Neustadt's Intellectual Contributions - John H. Kessel

Did President Bush Mislead the Country in His Arguments for War with Iraq? - James P. Pfiffner

Special Issue: Going to War

Introduction - H. W. Brands

McKinley and the Spanish-American War - John L. Offner

Woodrow Wilson and World War I - Kendrick A. Clements

Franklin D. Roosevelt and World War II - Warren F. Kimball

Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam - Fredrik Logevall

George Bush and the Gulf War of 1991 - H. W. Brands

The Contemporary Presidency: George W. Bush and the Myth of Heroic Presidential Leadership - Jon Roper

Elections: Personal Popularity in U.S. Presidential Elections - Martin P. Wattenberg

The Law: Termination of the ABM Treaty and the Political Question Doctrine: Judicial Succor for Presidential Power - David Gray Adler

Review Essay
Understanding Lincoln - Matthew Pinsker

Book Reviews
The Evolution of Presidential Polling - Douglas C. Foyle

The Modern American Presidency - Margaret Susan Thompson

Ronald Reagan: The Power of Conviction and the Success of His Presidency - John Kenneth White

Reassessing the Reagan Presidency - Thomas S. Langston

Constructing Clinton: Hyperreality and Presidential Image-Making in Postmodern Politics - John M. Jones

New Media Millennium: Federal and State Executive Press Aides and Ambition Theory - Louis W. Liebovich

Between Law and Politics: The Solicitor General and the Structuring of Race, Gender, and Reproductive Rights Litigation - Nancy Kassop

You Call This an Election? America's Peculiar Democracy - Raymond B. Wrabley Jr.

The 2000 Presidential Campaign: A Communication Perspective - J. Cherie Strachan

The Primary Decision: A Functional Analysis of Debates in Presidential Primaries - Emmett H. Buell Jr.


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