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Volume 33, Number 2 - June 2003

The Joy of Power: Changing Conceptions of the Presidential Office - Richard J. Ellis

The Manchester Union Leader’s Influence in the 1996 New Hampshire Republican Primary - Stephen J. Farnsworth and S. Robert Lichter

Our Chief Magistrate and His Powers: A Reconsideration of William Howard Taft’s "Whig" Theory of Presidential Leadership - Michael J. Korzi

Reassessing Public Opinion Polling in the Truman Administration - Brandon Rottinghaus

Evolution of the Modern Rhetorical Presidency: Presidential Presentation and Development of the State of the Union Address - Ryan L. Teten

Presidential Success in Communicating with the Public through Televised Addresses - Reed L. Welch

The Contemporary Presidency: Communications Operations in the White House of President George W. Bush: Making News on His Terms - Martha Joynt Kumar

The Law: The Constitutionality of Congressional-Executive Agreements - Louis Klarevas

The Polls: Can Presidential Rhetoric Affect the Public’s Economic Perceptions? - Jeffrey E. Cohen and John A. Hamman

Source Material: Toward the Study of the First Lady: The State of Scholarship - Robert P. Watson

Review Essay
Children, Mothers, and U.S. Presidents - Barbara Burrell


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