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Volume 39, Number 1 - March 2009

In the introduction to this issue, Bert Rockman explains this link between the President and the federal government through his examination of what has been labeled "The Administrative Presidency". The articles in this issue center on this theme and include such topics as the strategies Presidents have used in obtaining control over the bureaucracy, the methods in which Presidents choose their appointees, and the limitations of the Executive Branch in dealing with the bureaucracy. An article by Dr. David Lewis addresses how the politicization of the bureaucracy-as a response to patronage demands on the Presidency-can hinder the President's ability to control the bureaucracy. Finally, two articles examine the limitations that the Constitution places on the President's ability to influence the federal government.

Special Issue: The Administrative Presidency
Introduction to the Symposium on "The Administrative Presidency" - Bert A. Rockman

The Administrative Presidency, Unilateral Power, and the Unitary Executive Theory - Richard W. Waterman

The Administrative Presidency and Bureaucratic Control: Implementing a Research Agenda - Andrew Rudalevige

Administrative Politics and the Public Presidency - Brandice Canes-Wrone

The Appointments Process and the Administrative Presidency - Joel D. Aberbach, Bert A. Rockman

Revisiting the Administrative Presidency: Policy, Patronage, and Agency Competence - David E. Lewis

Organizational Complexity and Coordination Dilemmas in U.S. Executive Politics - George A. Krause

Back to the Future? Toward Revitalizing the Study of the Administrative Presidency - Robert Durant

The Contemporary Presidency: Constitutional Reform and the Presidency: The Recent Effort to Repeal the Natural-Born Citizen Requirement - Michael Tager

The Law: The Baker-Christopher War Powers Commission - Louis Fisher

Polls and Elections: How Did the Primary Vote Forecasts Fare in 2008? - Wayne P. Steger

Book Reviews
A Matter of Faith: Religion in the 2004 Presidential Election edited by David E. Campbell - Brian Newman

The Rhetorical Presidency of George H. W. Bush edited by Martin J. Medhurst - Bruce E. Gronbeck

Moral Rhetoric of American Presidents by Colleen J. Shogan - Mark A. Gring

General Ashcroft: Attorney at War by Nancy V. Baker - David A. Yalof

Victory in War: Foundations of Modern Military Policy by William C. Martel - Douglas A. Borer

From Roosevelt to Truman: Potsdam, Hiroshima, and the Cold War by Wilson D. Miscamble - Dale Herspring

The Wilsonian Moment: Self-Determination and the International Origins of Anticolonial Nationalism by Erez Manela - William F. Felice


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