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Volume 39, Number 2 - June 2009

Three articles in a special “Transition Studies” section analyze aspects of Presidential decision-making during transfers of powers, specifically the historic role of the National Security Advisor and staff; the influence of Presidential travel on domestic and international policies; and the accumulation of Presidential power in national security affairs. Another article by Dr. James Pfiffner examines the pitfalls of Presidential decision-making by looking at the decision-making processes of George W. Bush’s policies and how President Obama can learn from others’ mistakes. Finally, Dr. Fred Greenstein re-examines the political professionalism of the forgotten Presidency of James Monroe by detailing ways he dealt with the tension between Executive and Legislative powers.

Executive Order—Presidential Records
Executive Order—Presidential Records - Barack Obama

The Effects of the George W. Bush Presidency on Partisan Attitudes - Gary C. Jacobson

Two Bad Kings and Two Bad Presidents - Philip Abbott

"The American System": Herbert Hoover, the Associative State, and Broadcast Commercialism - John Mark Dempsey, Eric Gruver

"To be Shot at by the Whites and Dodged by the Negroes": Lyndon Johnson and the Texas NYA - Mitchell Lerner

Research Note
The Political Professionalism of James Monroe - Fred I. Greenstein

Transition Studies
The National Security Advisor and Staff: Transition Challenges - John P. Burke

POTUS on the Road: International and Domestic Presidential Travel, 1977-2005 - Brendan J. Doherty

Presidential Power in National Security: A Guide to the President-Elect - Louis Fisher

The Contemporary Presidency: Decision Making in the Bush White House - James P. Pfiffner

The Law: Presidential Aides: Immunity from Congressional Process? - Todd B. Tatelman

Polls and Elections: Dixie's Kingmakers: Stability and Change in Southern Presidential Primary Electorates - Seth C. McKee, Danny Hayes

Source Material: A Presidential Library Fit for Abraham Lincoln - John H. Kessel

Book Reviews
Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency by Barton Gellman - Joel K. Goldstein

Presidential Leadership in Political Time: Reprise and Reappraisal by Stephen Skowronek - Charles E. Walcott


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