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Volume 38, Number 1 - March 2008

Exclusive Interview: President Jimmy Carter - George C. Edwards III

Superpresidentialism and the Military: The Russian Variant - Zoltan Barany

The Veterans' Bonus and the Evolving Presidency of Warren G. Harding - Niall A. Palmer

Opening the President's Mailbag: The Nixon Administration's Rhetorical Use of Public Opinion Mail - Brandon Rottinghaus

Theories about Theory: Theory-Based Claims about Presidential Performance from the Case of James Madison - David J. Siemers

The Presidential Pork Barrel and the Conditioning Effect of Term - Andrew J. Taylor

Research Note
Why "Go Public"? Presidential Use of Nominees to the U.S. Courts of Appeals - Lisa M. Holmes

The Contemporary Presidency: Constraining Executive Power: George W. Bush and the Constitution - James P. Pfiffner

The Law: Treaty Negotiation: A Presidential Monopoly? - Louis Fisher

Is It "President" or "president" of the United States? - Richard J. Hardy and David J. Webber

Book Reviews
Rewiring Politics: Presidential Nominating Conventions in the Media Age
edited by Costas Panagopoulos - Joel Turner

Thomas Jefferson: Reputation and Legacy by Francis D. Cogliano - Steven E. Siry

Dominion of Memories: Jefferson, Madison, and the Decline of Virginia by Susan Dunn - Stephanie P. Newbold

Andrew Jackson and the Constitution: The Rise and Fall of Generational Regimes by Gerald N. Magliocca - Richard J. Dougherty

Institutionalizing Congress and the Presidency: The U.S. Bureau of Efficiency, 1916-1933 by Mordecai Lee - Steven J. Balla

The White House Looks South: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson by William E. Leuchtenburg - L. Andrew Doyle


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