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Volume 38, Number 4 - December 2008

Several other articles examine this relationship by identifying the different media outlets and their favorability toward the President. Dr. Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha and Professor Jeffrey Peake look at the ways in which local news outlets differ from the national media in their coverage of an event and the impact this has on community opinion of the President's decisions. Dr. Tim Groeling's article tests the level of partisan bias of ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News and identifies the challenges this can pose for an Administration. Several articles offer recommendations to the incoming President on ways to win favorability with the press. Finally, Mike McCurry's "Memorandum to the President-Elect" calls on the President to pursue finding innovative ways to communicate to the public "the real work of the American President."

The Mixed Legacies of Ronald Reagan - Hugh Heclo

Symposium: The President and the Press
Presidential Press Relations - Martha Joynt Kumar

Who Speaks for the People? The President, the Press, and Public Opinion in the United States - Bartholomew H. Sparrow

George Akerson's Legacy: Continuity and Change in White House Press Operations - Charles E. Walcott, Karen M. Hult

The Presidency and Local Media: Local Newspaper Coverage of President George W. Bush - Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha, Jeffrey S. Peake

Who's the Fairest of them All? An Empirical Test for Partisan Bias on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News - Tim Groeling

Presidential Communication in the Internet Era - Diana Owen, Richard Davis

Conveying Presidential News: The White House Press Corps Covers the President - Martha Joynt Kumar

Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Questioning Presidents - Alexis Simendinger

Memorandum to the President-Elect - Mike McCurry

The Contemporary Presidency: "An Excess of Refinement": Lame Duck Presidents in Constitutional and Historical Context - David A. Crockett

The Law: Presidential Misuse of the Pardon Power - Jeffrey Crouch

Polls and Elections: Editorial Cartoons 2.0: The Effects of Digital Political Satire on Presidential Candidate Evaluations - Jody C. Baumgartner

Book Reviews

The Politics of Economic Leadership: The Causes and Consequences of Presidential Rhetoric by B. Dan Wood - William D. Anderson

The Politics of Presidential Appointments: Political Control and Bureaucratic Performance by David E. Lewis - Patrick Roberts

Economic Instruments of Security Policy—Influencing Choices of Leaders by Gary M. Shiffman - Dennis S. Edwards

Mandate Politics by Lawrence J. Grossman, David A.M. Peterson, and James A. Stimson - Jon K. Dalager

Managing the President's Message: The White House Communications Operation by Martha Joynt Kumar - Zoe M. Oxley

While Dangers Gather: Congressional Checks on Presidential War Powers by William G. Howell and Jon C. Pevehouse - Jeffrey S. Peake


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