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Papers A-O

“Conflicts of Consistency? Why do American Interests Supersede those Abroad?”  - Shelby A. Allen - Howard University

“The One-Linear Political Perspective Revised”  - Christina E. Bazak - Denison University

“Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Politicization of the Supreme Court: Lessons from President Roosevelt’s Court-Packing Plan”  - Eliza E. Blanchard - Vassar College

“President Johnson, Harrison Salisbury and the Contradictions of a Limited War”  - Neil W. Booher - Vanderbilt University

 “The Buck Stops Somewhere: Electoral Blame and Economic Policy During Divided Party Governance” - Myles G. Bugbee - Rice University

“Inequality, Leverage, Crisis: A Discussion of the Relationship between Inequality and National Decline”  - Leila M. Clark - Colorado College

“The Effects of Internal Iranian Politics on US Negotiations Concerning a Nuclear Iran”  - Travis B. Clinger - Rollins College

“The European Debt Crisis: A Look into Spain’s Twenty-First Century Decline”  - George H. Cokeley - The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

“Congressional Redistricting and the Modern Political Climate”  - Zach Dallmeyer-Drennen - Middlebury College

“The Tax Reform Act of 1986: A Blueprint for Modern Tax Reform”  - Michael R DeLong - United States Naval Academy

“The Bipolar President:  Is There a Compelling Need to Re-evaluate Aaron Wildavsky’s Two Presidencies Thesis?” - Kevin C. Eaton - Southern Methodist University

“Presidential Prescriptions: U.S. Drug Policy in the 1970s and 1980s”  - Catherine K. Ettman - Princeton University

“Government Shutdowns and Showdowns: Comparing Clinton and Obama”  - Kate Ferguson - Duke University

“Including Women in the Political Sphere: A Strategy for U.S. Engagement in Egypt Post-Arab Awakening”  - Brittany R. Fifer - U.S. Coast Guard Academy

“Sex Matters: The Information Disconnect That Plagues America’s Youth”  - Emily Gargiulo - University at Buffalo

 “The Curious Communication of Candidate Obama vs. President Obama” - Marquis L. Hawkins - Cornell University

“Leadership in Nuclear Crises: Lessons from Three Mile Island and Fukushima” - Kenji Hayata - Waseda University

“Lessons From the 1992 Presidential Election”  - Miki Ito - The University of Tokyo

“Congressional Influence over Small Businesses: A Case Study Using the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”  - Kyle W. Jackson - Texas A&M University

“Protecting the Veracity of Our Children’s Test Scores: How Race to the Top Funding Can Spur Testing Integrity Reform”  - Jeremy M. Kaufmann - Dartmouth College

“The Diversity Visa Program: Fulfilling an American Dream”  - Monika Kothari - Michigan State University

“Negotiator’s Gridlock: Explaining a Poverty of Options in Foreign and Security Policy”  - Michael S. Kutner - The College of William & Mary

“Social Media: The Next Revolution in Presidential Communication”  - Linus E. Marco - Haverford College

“The Top Banana: An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Executive Branch and the United Fruit Company, between 1899-1975”  - Emily A. Martens - University of Connecticut

“The Presidency, Foreign Aid and the Export of the Culture Wars”  - Lesedi Mbatha - Barnard College

“A Strategy From the Start; Why President Bush Failed Where President Roosevelt Succeeded”  - Ryan Russell McCann - Trinity College

Untitled - Adriano Medina - Long Island University - Brooklyn

“Revisionism in Political History: Southern Reasons for Secession”  - Julia C. Muhlnickel - Tulane University

“American Bureaucracy and Liberal Education: How Bureaucratic Principles Demonstrate We Are Educating Leaders Incorrectly”  - John W. Nickerson - U.S. Air Force Academy

“The Shifting Priorities in U.S. Defense Strategy”  - Jeffrey S. Ostrich - The Catholic University of America

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