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Text of The Fellows Review 2011-2012 P-Z

Papers P-Z

Untitled - David Ray Pate, U.S. Army Major - Institute of World Politics

“Limitations of Rhetoric: The Bush Administration and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan"   - Jenna M. Pickett - Virginia Military Institute

“Reforming Food Aid”   - Emma C. Quinn - United States Naval Academy

“The Effects of Social Media in Campaigning and Governing” - Ibn Akbar Talut Salaam - Hampden-Sydney College

“The Impact of Congressional Legislation on Community Development in Philadelphia”   - Lydia H. Scott - The Pennsylvania State University

“Community Life Sentence How Disenfranchising Felons may Adversely Affect Low-Income Voters” - Matthew J. Seubert - University of Arkansas ¬ Fayetteville, with Special Thanks for Support from Lindsay Caldwell, Dr. William Shreckhise, and Dr. Rafael Jimeno

“The Presidency versus Barack Obama: Continuity of the National Security Framework since President Bush”  - Alex Sommer, University of Wisconsin – Madison

“The Rejection of the “Communial Approach to Childrearing”: Placing Nixon’s Veto of the Comprehensive Childcare Act in a Historical Context” - Stephanie Mae Spangler - Emory University

“COIN, CT, and Doctrinal Incoherence in the Global ‘War on Terror’” - Charles M. Stam - Columbia College, Columbia University

“The ‘Wall Street Effect on Incumbent Vote Share in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1982-2008’”  - James E. Steiner, M.P.P.

“Returning to a Republic with a Cincinnatus”   - Sarah E. Stenger - University of Cincinnati

“A Study in Scandals: Examining the Factors in Resignations Following Congressional Scandals”   - Philip J. Wilkie - The University of the South

“Dynamic Pivots and Executive-Legislative Bargaining”  - Joseph R. Williams - Harvard University

“The 17th Amendment: Attempting to Cure the Problems of Democracy with More Democracy”  - Jay R. Zeigler - United States Air Force Academy

“‘Orchestrating’ the Campaign: The Sounds of American Presidential Elections”  - Colin G. Zelicof - University of Pennsylvania


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