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Text of The Fellows Review 2011-2012

Note -- The papers of the Center's Presidential Fellows program represent an individual Fellow's research. The papers do not represent the Center's positions, thoughts, or work.



Foreword - Dr. David M. Abshire, President

Mentors of the 2011-2012 Fellows

Named Presidential Fellowships

Preface- Andrew Steele, Incoming Director of the Fellows Program, and Parry VanLandingham, Outgoing Director of the Fellows Program

Part 1 – Philosophies of Political Leadership


“‘The Constitution of Nature and the Course of Providence:’ John Adams’s Discourses on Davila”

Jonathan A. Green - Northwestern University

“Change, Continuity, and the Evolution of the Federal Minimum Wage, 1937-2010”

Jonathan Mathew Robinson - The George Washington University

“Leadership on the Deficit”

Alan He - Colgate University   

“The Bush Administration and U.S.-Georgia Relations: A Case Study in Neoconservative Foreign Policy?”
Joshua D. Post - The United States Military Academy

Part 2 – A Congress Divided

I.                   Congress at Work

“Fighting to Own the House: Reevaluating Competition in Elections for the U.S. House of Representatives”
Joseph G. Amoroso - The United States Military Academy

“Congress, Not Ronald Reagan, As The Great Communicator: The Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986”

Alex P. Ferraro - Gettysburg College

“The Disability Rights Legislative Schema: A Federal-Level Interest Group Perspective”
Mary A. Kroeger - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Motivations, Mission, and Relationships of the Early Congressional Space Caucus, 1981-1983”

Jacqueline A. Cortese - Carnegie Mellon University

I.                  Congress: Cause for Concern

“Is the 112th Congress the Worst Congress Ever? Evaluating the Contemporary Consequences of Divided Government”

Rosanna B. Kim - Swarthmore College

“Dodd-Frank and the Politics of Implementation”

Daniel J. Richardson - James Madison University

“Failure in Government Services: An Assessment of the Inability to Reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration Legislation”

John Patrick O’Har - Georgia Institute of Technology

Part 3 - Presidential Leadership

I.                 Domestic Issues and Presidential Action

“The Politics of Compassion: George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and the Faith-Based Initiative”

Jesse M. Crosson - Hofstra University

“Running for Change: Small Donations and Presidential Elections”

Alexander B. K. Fullman - University of Southern California

“Presidential Drug War(s): Obama’s Drug Policies in Context”

Carson Whitelemons - Smith College

II.                Nuclear Policy and Regulation

“Nuclear Power Reconsidered: Carter’s Nonproliferation Strategy, 1977-81”

Harrison W. Monsky - Yale University

“Peace, Please: U.S. Approaches to Nuclear 123 Agreements in a Changing Middle East”

Torey L. McMurdo - University of California, Los Angeles

               International Threats

“The Geoeconomic role of CFIUS in U.S.-Sino Relations”

David C. Hoyt – Stanford University

“Unilateral Presidential Powers and the NATO Campaign in Libya”

Mary Grace Pellegrini - University of Michigan, Ford School of Public Policy

“A ‘3D’ Approach to Security and Development in Nigeria”

Steven D. Roth - United States Coast Guard Academy

“Only Obama Could Go To Afghanistan: How Ike and Obama Used Their Political Reputations to Their Advantage”

Gabriel Royal - The United States Military Academy

Additional Papers of the 2011-2012 Presidential Fellows


Papers for Fellows A-O, alphabatized by last name.

Papers for Fellows P-Z, alphabatized by last name.


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