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In the span of two years, the International Presidential Fellows Program has expanded from the original group of two Japanese students to its current group of seven students coming from Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Spain.  The inclusion of students from foreign universities as Presidential Fellows first began in 2011, and quickly became an important component of CSPC’s mission to develop future civic leaders. Since 1970, through its Presidential Fellows Program, CSPC has convened a select group of university students to speak candidly with American policymakers and experts. In the age of globalization, the inclusion of international students brings fresh perspectives and enriches the program’s discourse.

The 2013-2014 group of International Fellows includes Mr. Leonel Caraciki of Brazil, Mr. Edson Perosa, Jr. of Brazil, Ms. Charlotte Smith of Canada, Ms. Shiori Takano of Japan, Mr. Kohei Shoji of Japan, Ms. Silvia Esbeydi Arids Carmona of Mexico, and Ms. Judith Trasancos of Spain (to see their university affiliations, see the list of 2013-2014 Fellows).

During the International Fellows Program Pre-Conference, the Fellows were able to meet with Mr. Enrique Ezcorza who heads the Congressional Affairs Department at the Mexican Embassy, Ms. Eliza Winters who is a Senior Operations Officer for the East Asia and Pacific Region at the World Bank, Ms. Maria Luisa Huidobro who is a Counselor at the Spanish Embassy, and finally, the Fellows met with Japanese Embassador Kenichiro Sasae. Additionally, the Fellows were able to visit various tourist attractions in D.C. such as the International Spy Museum, the Newseum, and the National Archives.

The 2012-2013 group of International Fellows includes Ms. Lore Hayek of Austria, Mr. Rodrigo Morais Chaves of Brazil, Mr. Alexander Ognibene of Canada, Ms. Meicheng Wang of China, and  Ms. Noriko Amanuma and Ms. Mutsumi Yoshikawa of Japan (to see their university affiliations, see the list of 2012-2103 Fellows). 

International Fellows benefit from a number of activities during their trips to Washington, DC for the fall and spring conferences. During the Fall 2012 Conference, the six Fellows met with Austrian Ambassador to the United States, Hans Peter Manz, with Scotty Greenwood at the Canada-America Business Council, and had a guided tour of the National Mall.

In its inaugural year (2011-2012), thanks to the generosity of Toyota Motor Corporation, CSPC was able to partner with the US-Japan Research Institute to offer two Fellowship spots to students from Japan's top universities. The participants in our inaugural International Presidential Fellows Program were Mr. Kenji Hayata and Ms. Miki Ito.  Mr. Hayata attends Waseda University where he is majoring in Economic and Industrial Development in East Asian Countries with a minor in Political Science.  Ms. Ito attends the University of Tokyo where she is majoring in Law.  

The 2011-2012 program included private meetings with leaders and scholars including His Excellency Ichiro Fujisaki, Ambassador of Japan to the United States;; Mr. Bill Breer, former Japan Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies; Ms. Elyse Bauer Anderson, Foreign Policy Director for Congressman Frank Wolf; Ms. Meredith Broadbent, Scholl Chair for International Business at the Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Dr. Greg Smith, Senior Researcher at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

If you are a representative of a college or university outside the United States and are interested in joining the International Presidential Fellows Program, please contact Jeff Shaffer, Program Director, at 202-872-9800 or via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .