Fellows Awards

During the Spring Conference, the Center recognizes two Fellows for their original research papers.


Marron Award Winner Jonathan Green, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and Moffett Award Winner Torey McMurdo

The James R. Moffett Award for the Most Original Paper on the Modern Presidency
Papers in consideration for the Moffett Award represent a superior standard of scholarship and an ability to analyze events pertaining to the Presidency in an original manner. They begin with a well-developed thesis that presents a compelling policy recommendation or analysis of the Presidency, utilizing a well-grounded argument with an original interpretation. This is followed by a body of work that not only supports this thesis, but also reflects a deeper understanding of the material beyond the simple facts. Included here should be the newest available information or in the case of a historical paper, a unique perspective on events.



2013 Winner: “Comparative Assessment of Bailout Politics in the U.S. and Japan: Industrial Policy on Manufacturing Industries” Mutsumi Yoshikawa, Ritsumeikan Univerisity


The Donald B. Marron Award for the Best Historical Analysis of the Presidency
Papers in consideration for the Marron Award also represent superior scholarship, and examine historical subject matter such as a key moment in political or social history important to the Presidency. In the thesis, the author will have laid out a new and unique interpretation of the historical events to be covered. The body of the work should reflect extensive and/or original research into the subject mater as well as mentioning possible conflicting opinions that arise concerning their arguments.

20130321.2372013 Winner: “Are Presidents Destined to Disappoint Us? A Cross-Country Analysis of Executive Approval Ratings and Political Institutions” by Patrick Kennedy, Stanford University




The Robert A. Kilmarx Award for the Best Military, Intelligence, or National Security Strategic Analysis 
Papers in consideration for the Kilmarx Award illustrate persuasive command of intelligence and security analysis.  Strategic analysis considers organization goals and objectives, examines internal and external conditions, and explains the relevance of the research.  Strategy, past or present, is carefully reviewed for its advancements and deficiencies.   

20130321.2492013 Winner: "The Drone Dilemma: Veto Players, Moral Hazard, and Decision-Making" by Miles Kellerman, University of Wisconsin-Madison





Past Winners of the Moffett Award

2012: "Peace, Please: U.S. Approaches to Nuclear 123 Agreements in a Changing Middle East" by Torey McMurdo, University of California- Los Angeles

2011: "Woodrow Wilson and Immigration: Hyphenates and the Failure to Unite America" by Chelsea Gibson, North Georgia College and State University

2010: "A Loaded Weapon? The Future of Presidential Powers in the War on Terrorism" by Nicolas W. Sher, Haverford College

2009: "The Bush Administration and the Classification of al Qaeda: America’s Strategy for Counterterrorism in the Twenty-First Century" by Jeffrey S. Deitel, United States Coast Guard Academy

2008: "The Rules That Shape the Election" by Jason Bello, Columbia University

2007: "Precedential Value of the Lincoln Model: Examining Presidential Response to Grave National Security Crises" by Evan Bieber, Tulane University

2006: "Promoting Democracy Abroad: U.S. Influence on the Democratization of Korea and Taiwan" by Jason I. Chen, Stanford University

2005: "Religion and the Presidency" by Jennifer L. Cummins, Yale University

2004: "The Uncertain Future of the Multiple Advocacy Process in Foreign Policy Making" by Joshua N. Williams, Middlebury College

2003: "Days of Infamy: Presidential Lessons Learned from the Two Greatest Intelligence Failures in American History" by Andrew DeFilippis, Princeton University

Past Winners of the Marron Award

2012: "'The Constitution of Nature and the Course of Providence:' John Adams's Discourses on Davila" by Jonathan Green, Northwestern University

2011: "American Missiles in Turkey: Ideological Dissonance and the Paradox of Proximity" by George E. Bogden, Yale University

2010: "Fireside Chats and Web Addresses: Can Obama Replicate FDR's Rhetorical Model Today?" by Jaime L. Fuller, Middlebury College

2009: "The Perils of Exclusionary Decision-Making: Infighting, Incoherence, and Myth in Sino-US Normalization" by William A. Lundin, Dartmouth College

2008: "Power, Politics, and Identity: President Carter and the Forging of the Camp David Accords" by Sara E. Del Nido, Dartmouth College

2007: "Embracing Dissent: Presidential Leadership and the Rise of Legitimate Party Opposition in the United States, 1789-1828" by Jeffrey Selinger, Cornell University

2006: "The Reagan Doctrine: Tearing Down the Wall" by April N. Russo, Colorado College

2005: "Presidential Message-Making and Credit-Taking" by Susanna Dilliplane, Barnard College

2004: "Taking Over the Controls: Power Struggles During the Missile Gap Period" by Dana L. Craig, Stanford University

2003: "Safeguarding the Freedom, Common Heritage, and Civilization of the Peoples: President Truman and the North Atlantic Treaty" by Seth A. Johnston, United States Military Academy



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