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Declaration on Civility and Inclusive Leadership

In order to meet the severe challenges that we face overseas and at home, Ambassadors Max Kampelman and David Abshire formed the National Committee to Unite a Divided America in 2005. The National Committee produced the Declaration on Civility and Inclusive Leadership to help unify a too-polarized nation through civility and inclusive leadership. The Declaration was signed by more than 200 prominent Americans – including CEOs, university presidents, religious leaders, heads of policy institutes, former diplomats, members of the United States Armed Forces, and former Members of Congress.

Current Members of Congress also inquired about joining the National Committee and signing the Declaration. Because theDeclaration is not open to those currently serving in government, CSPC developed the Mount Vernon Compact specifically for Members of Congress to sign. This agreement endorses the National Committee's call for civility and inclusive leadership and urges a renewal of character-based leadership in government.