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CSPC President Dr. David Abshire speaks to the Chattanooga Rotary Club


Last Thursday, CSPC President David Abshire spoke to the Chattanooga Rotary Club during a luncheon at their headquarters in downtown Chattanooga.  He was joined by University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Chancellor, Dr. Roger G. Brown.  In his speech, Dr. Abshire focused on President Obama’s leadership and his role as Commander-in-Chief, drawing parallels with President Abraham Lincoln’s decision-making during the Civil War and President Franklin Roosevelt’s leadership during the great depression and World War II.  He suggested that President Obama must use his considerable rhetorical skills to better communicate his goals to the public both at home and abroad, just as he did during his Nobel Peace Prize Speech this summer.  To read Dr. Abshire’s speech, click here .

Dr. Abshire Scans World Crises
March 6, 2010, The Chattanooga Free Press