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CSPC Vice Chairman David Abshire and Senior Adviser Chris Howard Published in Latin American Herald Tribune

A commentary written by CSPC Vice Chairman & Counselor David M. Abshire and Senior Adviser Christopher O. Howard is published in the Latin American Herald Tribune in the lead up to President Obama's 2013 State of the Union address.

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CSPC Trustee David Walker Proposes "No Deal, No Break" for Congress in an Op-Ed Published in Politico

In an op-ed published on February 6, 2013 in Politico, CSPC Trustee David Walker praises the bipartisan support in Congress for the "No Budget, No Pay" proposal, in which Congressman would be held accountable for failing to pass a budget (something the Senate has failed to do for four straight years) by foreiting pay. However, he admonishes Congress for planning on being on recess for a total of one month between now and several major debt deadlines have been resolved. "For this reason," Walker says,  "my organization along with other groups is launching a new campaign we are calling No Deal, No Break. The premise is simple: Stay in Washington, do your job and strike a meaningful fiscal deal that can restore fiscal sanity. And until that happens, don’t recess."

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Op-Ed on Secretary of State Kerry's China Challenge by CSPC Trustee Nicholas Burns Published in Boston Globe

In an op-ed in the Boston Globe published January 31, 2013, CSPC Trustee Nicholas Burns argues that China poses one of the greatest challenges to the Obama Administration in its second term, and especially to the new Secretary of State John Kerry.

Burns writes, "Future biographers of John Kerry might well judge that American security in the 21st century is inseparable from the balance of power in Asia. We will continue to disagree with Chinese leaders on important issues — human rights, intellectual property, cyber threats, and democracy. But, there is no debate that, for the Obama-Kerry team, China must be the great priority for the four years ahead."

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CSPC Trustee David Walker Debates U.S. Fiscal Policy on Bloomberg TV

CSPC Trustee David Walker appeared on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart" on January 28th to debate U.S. fiscal policy with economist Paul Krugman.

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CSPC Trustee Mack McLarty Commentary on CNN About President Obama and Secretary Clinton's Working Relationship

On January 28th, CSPC Trustee Mack McLarty was a featured commentator on CNN. McLarty spoke to President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's unique relationship, saying "I think they've had an extraordinary run at it in terms of foreign policy. I think Secretary Clinton has supported the president and reestablished our standing around the world. I think they've managed some exceedingly complex, fast moving and difficult situations in a very skilled manner.”

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National Journal Magazine Publishes Feature on CSPC President & CEO Max Angerholzer

On January 25th, 2013 National Journal Magazine included a piece in its "People: On the Move" section on CSPC's President & CEO Maxmillian Angerholzer III. 

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CSPC's Matt Purushotham and Jonathan Murphy Quoted in American Legion Magazine Feature on Civility

American Legion Magazine quotes CSPC Vice President for Programs Matt Purushotham and Director of External Affairs Jonathan Murphy in an article on incivility in politics. Speaking of the problem of incivility and disagreement in Congress, Purushotham argues that it is less an issue of incivility, and more one of intellectual dishonesty. "My  perception is that people are more polite in their speech nowadays, but their willingness to say things with a straight face that are misleading or intellectually dishonest is greater. When people were actually getting into fistfights in Congress, there was actually an authenticity to the positions they were defending.” Murphy provides the example of President Ronald Reagan and Speaker of the House, and outspoken Democrat, Tip O'Neill as the type of relationship that is lacking in Washington today.

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CSPC Director of Policy Dan Mahaffee Quoted on Chinese News Site CCTV.com

CSPC Director of Policy Dan Mahaffee is quoted on CCTV.com, a news site owned by Chinese broadcasting network CCTV, about the challenges partisanship in Washington presents to Obama's second term agenda. 

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Video of CSPC and Washington National Cathedral Conversation with Michael Beschloss

On Sunday, January 20th CSPC and the Washignton National Cathedral hosted presidential historian Michael Beschloss for a conversation on Obama's second term and presidential legacy. Cathedral Dean Gary Hall and Mr. Beschloss covered a range of topics from the historical opportunities and limitations of second terms to specific policy challenges facing Obama as he attempts to build his presidential legacy.

To view a video of the conversation, click here.


CSPC Seminar on Eisenhower's Legacy Featured in Real Clear Politics

A recent CSPC seminar on the "Lessons and Legacy of President Dwight D. Eisenhower: 21st Century Leadership and Grand Strategy" was featured in a piece on Real Clear Politics written by Carl Cannon. Cannon quotes participants from the discussion, which focused on identifying lessons from Ike's Presidency that can serve as an example for the current Adminstration, on Eisenhower's concern over the dangers of the "military industrial complex." 

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CSPC and Washington National Cathedral Present a Conversation with Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss on January 20

On January 20, 2013, in cooperation with the National Cathedral, the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress is presenting a discussion with Michael Beschloss about the presidency on the eve of President Obama’s second inaugural. Beschloss has been called “the nation’s leading Presidential historian” by Newsweek, has written eight books on American presidents, and is NBC News Presidential Historian.

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