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Congressional Relations

As the nation's only think tank that systematically examines lessons from Presidential and Congressional history and applies them to current policy making, CSPC reaches out to members of Congress and their staff to provide support and advice for a wide array of policy areas. Drawing upon the vast resources of the Center, CSPC works behind the scenes, frequently briefing Members of Congress and their staffs to contribute non-partisan analysis of the political issues facing the President and Congress.

What Congressional Relations Does:

  • Provides in-office briefings on Capitol Hill about key policy issues, citing the lessons of history.
  • Involves Members of Congress and their staffs in CSPC activities
  • Helps synergize Legislative-Executive relations
  • Promotes bi-partisan policy to further America's interest

CSPC has been approached by Members of Congress to work on several issues of national importance:

Foundation for International Understanding (FIU)

Advancing Trust and Reconciliation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Iraq Study Group

The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office

CSPC has also involved Members of Congress and their staffs in other policy activities:

Strengthening America’s Future Initiative and Agenda 2008

Afghanistan Study Group

Declaration on Civility and Inclusive Leadership and Mount Vernon Compact


Staff Contact
For more information, please contact John Boyer, Director of Congressional Relations, via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or at 202-872-9800