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CSPC Electrical Grid & Cybersecurity Report Cited in Roll Call

In a piece that highlights Rep. Ruppersberger's call for legislative action in regards to the Electrical Grid & Cybersecurity vulnerability, Tim Starks again references the extensive CSPC report on the subject.  Please follow this link to read Rep. Ruppersberger’s comments.  


CSPC Electrical Grid & Cybersecurity Report Highlighted in Foreign Policy

In a July 15th article published in Foriegn Policy, Shane Harris—a Senior Staff Writer for the site—detailed many of the potential outcomes of an attack on the U.S. Electrical Grid, and sited the CSPC Electrical Grid & Cybersecurity report heavily.  

To read the article please follow this link.


CSPC Trustee David Gergen on the Current Immigration Crisis in the U.S.

Published in CNN's Opinion section, Gergen discusses the similarities between Jewish immigrants to the U.S. in 1939, and the current immigration crisis on our southern-most borders.  Could a "safe zone" help in finding a solution? 

To read more about potential solutions to the crisis, please click 


CSPC Trustee Nicholas Burns on Complex Relationships in the Middle East

Dr. Burns' opinion piece published in The Boston Globe focuses around the highly-complex relationships within the Middle East, including some that may change the way the U.S. operates in the area.  

Please follow this link to read the Op-Ed. 

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