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CSPC's Iraq Study Group and David Abshire Appear in Politics Daily

In a Politics Daily article (found here) titled "Should We Rethink  Afghanistan War Strategy?" by Luke X. Martin, CSPC is credited with its involvement in the Iraq Study Group.  Martin writes:

In March 2006, Wolf helped create the Iraq Study Group, a panel of 10 defense and policy experts from both sides of the aisle who examined the war effort. The group was co-sponsored by the U.S. Institute of Peace, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the Center for the Study of the Presidency in Washington, as well as the Baker Public Policy Institute at Rice University in Houston.

CSPC President David M. Abshire is also quoted in the article:

But David Abshire, president of the Center for the Study of the Presidency, a non-partisan policy and education organization, notes that the time Obama has to prove his strategy is already running out.

"People on the right, left and center are now talking against the war," said Abshire, a former U.S. ambassador to NATO. Critics of the war want to see things change now, not in a couple of years.