Jonah Czerwinski

Ventures & Edge Technologies Lead, Booz Allen Hamilton; Former Senior Advisor to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Jonah Czerwinski is Managing Director at The Advisory Board Company where he is responsible for designing and delivering new innovations as a senior member of the strategy team. From 2009-2013, Jonah served as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Executive Director of the VA Center for Innovation.  Jonah was named to the federal Senior Executive Service in September 2010.

Jonah led the VA Center for Innovation (VACI) from its inception in 2010 with a  of $65 million annual budget and a mission to develop, test, and evaluate new ways for the nation’s largest integrated healthcare system to reduce costs, increase quality, expand access, and improve the Veteran experience.  As Director, Jonah led a diverse team of technology, healthcare, and procurement experts to build a portfolio of over 120 innovations focused on delivering value for Veterans and taxpayers.

As senior advisor to the Secretary, Jonah advised the Secretary and senior leaders on a range of strategy and policy issues regarding VA budget, management, and transformation.  Jonah was the VA representative on the steering committee of the White House Business Council.

Prior to his government service, Jonah was Managing Consultant at IBM Global Business Services and Senior Fellow at IBM's Global Leadership Initiative.  He served as a Senior Fellow at George Washington University, on the Board of Directors of the Partnership for a Secure America, and as a member of the Task Force on National Laboratory Assets for 21st Century Security.

Jonah Czerwinski was on the professional staff of the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress from 1999-2007.  As Director of Homeland Security Projects (2004-2007), Jonah led the Center’s project on “Strengthening the Transatlantic Relationship in the War on Terrorism” as well as the comprehensive management study on “Accelerating and Integrating National and International Efforts to Combat Smuggled Nuclear Weapons,” which contributed to the establishment of the U.S. Domestic Nuclear Detection Office through Homeland Security Presidential Directive 15.  As Senior Research Associate at the Center, Jonah directed the Center’s Homeland Security Roundtable Initiative, edited the Center’s Issue Papers series on homeland security, and coordinated Congressional relations efforts related to foreign policy and homeland security.

Jonah has testified as an expert before Congressional committees and has contributed interviews appearing on CNN, CNN-International, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and other news outlets.  Jonah earned his A.B. in Philosophy from Salve Regina University and his M.B.A. from the University of Virginia.