Securing the U.S. Electrical Grid

Arguably the most critical of critical infrastructure, the U.S. electrical grid is the backbone of our modern society. An obvious target to a range of actors who would seek to strike at the U.S. homeland, the grid also faces significant security challenges due to not only increased demand, but also the challenge of modernizing outdated infrastructure with new technologies and control systems.

Through off-the-record roundtable discussions with experts from the government, the private sector, and the policy community, CSPC’s project examined:

  • The threats of cyberattack, physical attack, electromagnetic pulse, and severe weather;

  • How the executive branch organizes itself to address the security of critical infrastructure focusing on the grid;

  • The path of legislation related to grid security;

  • How the private sector can better support and incentivize best practices and innovations for security and reliability; and

  • What the future of the grid may hold in terms of both new technology and a shift to renewable energy.

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