STEM Collaborative Learning Network

In partnership with Science House Foundation, CSPC has launched the STEM Collaborative Learning Network. This Network provides scientific equipment and curriculum assistance to classrooms, while employing a hands-on approach to learning that allows students to investigate in the field, experiment in the classroom, and collaborate with their peers around the world.

This initiative is centered on three Science House Foundation programs:

  • MicroGlobalScope – Donates microscopes to schools and provides an online platform for students to share their findings while learning from renowned biologists, zoologists, geologists, and others in the scientific community. 
  • Planet Checkup – Provides environmental monitoring kits to students so they can investigate air, water, and soil quality in their local areas.  
  • Terrabotic – Provides robotics kits to schools so they can start school robotics programs.  Via video-conferencing and the Terrabotic website, students attend virtual lessons, interact with robotics experts, and collaborate with their peers around the world.

These programs function concurrently in 40 locations across the United States (from Hawaii to New York) and in a dozen countries (from Brazil to Thailand). They have a strong focus on reaching underserved and disadvantaged communities.