CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield speaks about modern-era Soldiers

James Kitfield spoke with Soldiers at the Maneuver Center of Excellence on October 24th about the differences in the forc

CSPC Director of Policy Dan Mahaffee Quoted in (In)Secure Magazine

In the recently released 43rd issue of (IN)Secure Magazine CSPC Director of Policy Dan Mahaffee was interviewed in regards to the recently released year-long CSPC Electrical Grid & Cybersecurit

CSPC Senior Fellow Frank Cilluffo featured in CNN video

In a September 18th viedo published by CNN, CSPC Senior Fellow Frank Cilluffo is interviewed about ISIS and their most recently released video targeting American intervention in the region

ISIS war rollout resembles launch of Obamacare site; CSPC Trustee David Gergen

In a September 21st OpEd published by CNN, CSPC Trustee David Gergen compares the Administration's ISIS defense rollout to the release of the Obamacare website.  

US needs to be prepared for Russian cyber-retaliation; CSPC Senior Fellow Frank Cilluffo

CSPC Senior Fellow Frank Cilluffo calls for added attention to cybersecurity threats from Russia in retaliation for sanctions imposed by the United States.  

Did Western Hubris Create Vladimir Putin? CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield

In a September 8th article published in the National Journal CSPC Senior Fellow James Kitfield discusses the strained relationship between Russia and NATO. 

Where does the US stand with India? CSPC Trustee Nicholas Burns

In a October 24th OpEd in the Boston Globe, CSPC Trustee Nicholas Burns writes about the ever-increasing need for President Obama and his administration to strengthen their ties

Pope Francis’ ‘Soft Power’ Diplomacy Aims to Bring Islam Into the Modern World; CSPC Trustee Francis Rooney

Published by Time, CSPC Trustee Francis Rooney writes about Pope Francis' diplomatic attempts to bring a "just force" against Islamic extremism across the globe. 

Seven Cybersecurity Questions Bank Boards Need to Ask; CSPC Senior Fellow Frank Cilluffo

Published on October 6 in American Banker, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and CSPC Senior Fellow Frank Cilluffo discuss the seven most important cybersecurity questions that bank b

A Blueprint to Save Iraq from Disaster? CSPC President & CEO Max Angerholzer & Senior Fellow James Kitfield

Published on the evening of August 18th, Max Angerholzer & James Kitfield's OpEd in National Interest focuses around the disintegration of Iraq, and how the Iraq Study Group's original