Mike Rogers Center joins CSPC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - NOVEMBER 9, 2016                                                                  

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Washington D.C. - The Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC) is pleased to announce that the Mike Rogers Center for Intelligence and Global Affairs (MRC) is joining CSPC to continue its work on cybersecurity and the relationship between the government and the private sector on this important issue.

MRC, founded by former Chairman of the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI)— a CSPC Trustee since 2015— works to address the issues confronting elected leaders, the intelligence community, law enforcement, and the private sector through dialogue, and scholarly analysis of strategic policy solutions.  The cornerstone of the MRC’s work has been the Global Digital Challenge Initiative, an effort designed to bridge the gap between business and government on the future of the digital economy. Started as a series of roundtable discussions and public events the Initiative is working to develop recommendations on issues such as cybersecurity, encryption, cyber-insurance, and information-sharing for the incoming administration and next congress.

MRC’s work will strengthen existing CSPC programs on cybersecurity, which include:  the security of the U.S. electrical grid and other critical infrastructure; dialogues between government and private sector leaders on cyber information sharing and liability protection legislation; and examinations of how cyberwarfare and cyberdeterrence fit into traditional concepts of national security and military strategy.  These cybersecurity programs are part of CSPC’s portfolio of programs addressing the applied lessons of history, strategic policy challenges, and the education of tomorrow’s leaders through the CSPC Presidential Fellows Program.

“I am delighted to continue the work of the Mike Rogers Center for Intelligence and Global Affairs with the strong team at CSPC,” said Chairman Rogers.  “Given the gravity of the cyber threats we face and the need for pragmatic solutions to ensure security, peace, and prosperity in the digital commons, CSPC is an ideal partner for MRC to work with a wide range of leaders to address our nation’s cyber challenges.”

“Given Chairman Rogers’s leadership in public service, and now as a private citizen, I am excited for CSPC to partner with the MRC to address our nation’s strategic cybersecurity challenges,” said CSPC Chairman, Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering. 

“Having worked with Chairman Rogers as a Trustee and as a leader on CSPC’s cybersecurity policy programs, I am excited to strengthen that partnership by formally tying together the work of CSPC and the MRC,” said CSPC President & CEO, Maxmillian Angerholzer III.


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