CSPC's Matt Purushotham and Jonathan Murphy Quoted in American Legion Magazine Feature on Civility

American Legion Magazine quotes CSPC Vice President for Programs Matt Purushotham and Director of External Affairs Jonathan Murphy in an article on incivility in politics. Speaking of the problem of incivility and disagreement in Congress, Purushotham argues that it is less an issue of incivility, and more one of intellectual dishonesty. "My perception is that people are more polite in their speech nowadays, but their willingness to say things with a straight face that are misleading or intellectually dishonest is greater. When people were actually getting into fistfights in Congress, there was actually an authenticity to the positions they were defending.” Murphy provides the example of President Ronald Reagan and Speaker of the House, and outspoken Democrat, Tip O'Neill as the type of relationship that is lacking in Washington today.

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