CSPC Counselor David Walker Proposes "No Deal, No Break" for Congress in an Op-Ed Published in Politico

In an op-ed published on February 6, 2013 in Politico, CSPC Counselor David Walker praises the bipartisan support in Congress for the "No Budget, No Pay" proposal, in which Congressman would be held accountable for failing to pass a budget (something the Senate has failed to do for four straight years) by foreiting pay. However, he admonishes Congress for planning on being on recess for a total of one month between now and several major debt deadlines have been resolved. "For this reason," Walker says, "my organization along with other groups is launching a new campaign we are calling No Deal, No Break. The premise is simple: Stay in Washington, do your job and strike a meaningful fiscal deal that can restore fiscal sanity. And until that happens, don’t recess."

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