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Andrew Steele

As a Senior Advisor, Andrew assists the Director of Fellows in promoting the Presidential Fellows. As a former CSPC Research Associate and past Director of Fellows, Andrew draws upon personal experience to strengthen and expand the scope of opportunities offered to current Presidential Fellows. Andrew distinguished himself as an innovative program director, and broadened the program to include a growing group of international participants. Andrew is a former mentor and published Fellow.

Andrew also contributed to a portfolio labeled Religion in Public Life. The impetus for his work was sustained commitment by Trustee Francis Rooney, former ambassador to the Holy See (2005-2008). Writing specific to this experience, an essay was published in the Spring 2011 edition of The Ambassadors Review. Other pieces were published in First Things, an online magazine, and local newspapers' editorial sections. A book-length manuscript addressing Holy See (Vatican) diplomacy is due in October 2013.

Andrew is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service with special focus on risk and security in Asia. A 2010 graduate of Hamilton College, Andrew was a double major in Chinese language and Government, spending time in Beijing.