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The Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress is a unique nonpartisan, nonprofit policy and education organization that applies strategic thinking and the leadership lessons of history to critical national challenges and opportunities.

Founded in 1965, the Center is the only organization that systematically examines past successes and failures of the Presidency and relates its findings to present challenges and opportunities. Today, both the Executive and Legislative Branches are highly compartmentalized, which is the enemy of strategic thinking, action, and the best use of resources. In addition, the nation is polarized, even though public opinion polls show a desire to break down barriers and face our nation's real public policy issues. Lessons learned from past American experiences offer insights on how to deal with these challenges.

Along with its full-time staff, the Center utilizes an esteemed Board of Trustees and a range of other Advisors and Fellows to contribute to the Center’s many programs and initiatives. In addition to these contributors, the Center functions as a highly successful convener of the best minds in government, trade, and academia to serve on its policy working groups and education programs.