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A Call to Greatness: Challenging Our Next President

"David Abshire has distilled a lifetime of service and study into a single bracing volume. It is a must-read for the Presidential candidates, those who serve them, and every citizen who cares about the challenges we face."
—George Stephanopoulos, ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent

"In A Call to Greatness, David M. Abshire has provided an invaluable guide, which includes the lessons learned from the experiences of past administrations as well as time-honored principles of superior leadership."
—The Honorable Edwin Meese III, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

"A Call to Greatness is a challenge not just to the presidential candidates but to the nation itself. David Abshire draws from the lessons of history the fundamental values that must guide the next president—vision, integrity, and statesmanship. We govern by leadership or crisis. David Abshire makes clear that it is time for leadership."
—The Honorable Leon E. Panetta, former Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton

"This publication will help the next President and other senior government leaders learn from the past and better prepare for the future.”
—The Honorable David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States

"Almost every era in our nation’s history seems to have confronted serious challenges. I hope the Presidential candidates will learn as much from this book as I did. Its historical examples make for very compelling reading—much more so than simply citing a set of 'rules.'"
—Norman Augustine, Chairman of the National Academies’ study Rising Above the Gathering Storm

A Call to Greatness: Challenging Our Next President examines how our next President can learn from the successes and failures of past Presidents to be an effective leader during a time of tremendous challenges at home and abroad.

The present state of our union requires a creative reexamination of our national interests, a comprehensive vision, a leader with the ability to organize and marshal the best people and resources and a leader with the capacity to communicate this vision to our citizens and the world. This document was circulated amongst the candidates for the 2008 United States Presidency prior to being published. The non-partisan, non-profit Center looks forward to the ensuing exchange of views on the nature of Presidential leadership and the characteristics required of our next President.

On January 3, 2008, the day of the Iowa Presidential caucuses, Dr. Abshire discussed A Call to Greatness: Challenging Our Next President with The Exchange on Iowa Public Radio.

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